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With many years of journey in the hospitality industry, Casba Food and Pastries has made a mark for itself in Quincy, Massachusetts. Casba Food and Pastries philosophy is simple: to serve delicious tasty authentic Mediterranean food to those looking for a quick and healthy meal that is reasonable priced. We offer customers the best ingredients and raw materials with decent portions and the right price, while focusing on hygiene and cleanliness.
At Casba Food and Pastries our spices are a huge part of our food, adding that sumac, turmeric, cumin, and za’atar are the stars. Most of our food is not hot and spicy, even though it uses a lot of spices but it is very flavorful and delicious. Did we make you hungry? Well then, come and visit us at 25 Copeland St, Quincy, Massachusetts . Make sure to discover our menu and special offers online too!

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Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We maintain an online delivery system which provides customers the most satisfaction and timely Deliveries

Limitless Order
Well Services

Casba Food and Pastries is Professional and always courteous to each customer providing the best experience.

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There an incredible selection of Delicious Food, the variety of flavors, and creativity that your taste buds will crave.

Always Fresh
Always Fresh

Casba Food and Pastries strives on Providing fresh and delicious Meals Daily.

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